Mother Russia

What should we make of the DNC servers getting hacked by the Russians? I admit, when the Clinton surrogate first floated that possibility yesterday morning, I rolled my eyes and thought it was a ridiculous thing to say.  As it turns out, he was right.

So what does it mean?  First off, isn’t anything secure anymore?  I know that political espionage is common and I know that our country does it too. Still, you’d think that the security for the DNC and the RNC too would be at the highest possible level.  Maybe it was and it just doesn’t matter.  Since I can’t speak with any authority or knowledge about that, let’s move on to something that we can all ponder and respond to.

Why did they hack into the server and why did they wait until now to release the information thru wikileaks? The reasonable and obvious conclusion is that their intent was to damage the chances of Hillary winning the election and that they would rather have Sauron, I mean Trump, win.  Is there any other reasonable conclusion that we can draw about the motive?  If you can think of one, let’s hear it.

If you’re planning on voting for Sauron, does the fact that Putin wants him to win too give you pause?  If not, why not?  The intelligence community thinks it’s a very big deal.

If nothing else, this story give me an excuse to post this wonderful song from Renaissance, who were a hidden gem of a prog band in their heyday.

Red blood, white snow
He knows, frozen rivers won’t flow
So cold, so true
Mother Russia, he cries for you


16 thoughts on “Mother Russia

      1. Oddly absent is any concern where Clinton’s money comes from. Let me paint you a scary scene. The wiki leaks emails are just the tip of the iceberg. If you had something really damning would you share it or use it to own her as well? This is chess… Not checkers.


      2. You can google search literally 100’s of questionable foreign conflicts with that party. Are you really more concerned with the fact that these emails came out than with the unethical and illegal activity in them?


      3. It was obvious to anyone paying attention that the DNC was in the bag for Clinton. DWS had no business heading it up. When Dean was Chair, he was neutral. And I voted for Bernie so I’ve been mad about the whole thing since the beginning. It’s awful. DWS got canned, they apologized. They changed the platform. What else can be done at this point? Yes, I’m definitely more concerned that they were hacked by Russia, who has a common interest with one of our candidates. It’s actually a microcosm of the entire election. She’s dicey but because he is dangerously unqualified, we need her.


    1. I’m not disagreeing with you except when you draw a false equivalency. It’s not all the same. That’s a cop out, to me. If you see no difference in what our country will look like under each candidate, then we just have a fundamental disagreement. I’m not blind to her issues, I’m just being realistic about our choices and the very real consequences of them.


      1. If it’s a cop out to declare this as equivalent then what is it to think that HRC.. as the most powerful person in the Democratic party wasn’t co-ordinating this malfeasance. I like the term cognitive dissonance. Ya know we can just call and yell at each other instead of this 🙂


      2. It would be awful, no doubt. A scummy thing to do. I hope that’s not the case. I can’t believe there’ll be any emails from her directly. We’ll see, I guess. I’ll stay away from political talk in Hamilton, btw.


  1. It all seems more sinister when it’s done electronically than with a quill pen and ink. Probably the same thing that has been going on for the last 2 centuries…at least the last century but easier to destroy the paper than the email.
    What I would like to get my hands around is how she became so powerful. Is it her? Is it Bill? …and how?
    I could be terribly ignorant but I think the only reason Putin and Trump like each other is because one needs foreign investment of any sort and the other would like a nice new demographic to drop a couple of resorts.


  2. Does Trump really have the interest of the American people at heart? Hmmm.

    Heck of a marketing job he’s done so far. I hope that he hasn’t backed himself into a financial corner and his way out is to open some scary doors.


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