Steve Earle & the Dukes Concert Review

On Sunday morning, I was swearing to myself and thinking what an idiot I am.  Why did I buy tickets for a concert on a Sunday night in Niagara Falls, of all places(it’s 40 minutes from my house)?  I hate doing anything on Sunday nights.  I don’t want to go out for dinner.  I don’t […]

Is the Medium Still the Message?

I wrote about government and the media a bit yesterday without mentioning the very ugly story of Sinclair Broadcast Group who, as you may have seen, are sending scripted “news” commentaries to their affiliates and forcing them to read them on-air. It’s at times like these when we must show our true metal.  […]

Big Brother

  We’ve all become resigned to the fact that we have limited privacy these days.  The genie’s long been out of the bottle and there’s no way that sucker is going back in.  If I’m googling a certain product or service, I know that an ad for that same product or service will inevitably show […]

The Kids are Alright

Like many people, I have been so impressed by the kids from Stoneman Douglas High School who, in the wake of the tragic shooting, have been so eloquent in speaking out against the NRA and the politicians in their pocket. I don’t know how they found the strength, really.  They went through such a traumatic […]

Guns, Guns, Guns

I just got back from lovely Erie, PA.  In light of yet another horrific school shooting, I felt the need to go see my kids, who are away at school.  Just to check in on them, take them out to lunch, talk sports, and have a few laughs.  Just normal stuff.  How awful it must […]

Our Racist President

The president of the United States is a racist. I know that his supporters don’t want to hear it but it’s true. He has a long history of saying and doing things that could be construed as racist but that usually left a little wiggle room to be interpreted another way. No longer. Nice job, […]