June Liner Notes

Hello, my small but faithful readership.  Miss me?  I didn’t think so. Anyway, here’s what’s on my mind, in a Larry King, non-sequitur, kinda way. Following up on my summer concert plans, tickets are now purchased for U2 and for Roger Waters.  I’ve seen both acts before but I’m still excited for the shows. U2 […]

Welcome to the Show

It’s concert season in Buffalo again, that 2-3 month period where the weather isn’t awful everyday. A time period where promoters cram as many outdoor shows into the calendar as humanly possible.  The music nerd in me wants to go to every show.  The version of me who looks at the budget and the other […]

Free Man in Paris

I’m just about beyond words at this point, hence the lack of blogging.  We are an international embarrassment. We look like a bunch of science denying, ignorant, backwoods, idiots.  Sure, it’s easy to blame Trump and Bannon but that’s not nearly the whole story.  It’s the 22 scum sucking Senators who backed him and the […]

Boys to Men

No, this is definitely not a post about boy bands, a topic of which I proudly know nothing. Rather, it’s about my guys, both of whom are home from college for the summer.  #1 son is now a college graduate and is heading off to Grad School in the fall. I’ve learned more in the […]


I told you so?  Dangerously unqualified.  I take no satisfaction from being right.  Oh, okay, maybe a little bit. Still, it’s not too late to get on the right side of history.  Be a big person and learn how to admit when you’re wrong.  I’m speaking to you, Trump voter.  You were and are sooooo […]

The Buffalo Sporting Blues

If I was a believer in past lives, I would surely say that all of us long suffering Sabres and Bills fans must have really been awful people in our previous lives.  However, I am not a believer in any of that quasi-religious mumbo jumbo so instead, we’ll have to try to find a more […]


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions were last night and inductees included Yes(very cool to see Geddy Lee play bass on Roundabout, filling in for the late Chris Squire), ELO, Joan Baez, Tupac, and Pearl Jam.  Neil Young was supposed to induct Pearl Jam but couldn’t make it so David Letterman filled in […]