Guns, Guns, Guns

I just got back from lovely Erie, PA.  In light of yet another horrific school shooting, I felt the need to go see my kids, who are away at school.  Just to check in on them, take them out to lunch, talk sports, and have a few laughs.  Just normal stuff.  How awful it must […]

Our Racist President

The president of the United States is a racist. I know that his supporters don’t want to hear it but it’s true. He has a long history of saying and doing things that could be construed as racist but that usually left a little wiggle room to be interpreted another way. No longer. Nice job, […]

The Cult of Personality 

Oprah? Really? Is this where we’re at now as a country? We can now only elect celebrities to the most important job in the world? I’m not writing this to disrespect Oprah in any way. She’s quite obviously a great person and she’s done more good in the world than almost any private citizen that […]

January Liner Notes

It’s been a while.  How have you been? Happy New Year.  Hopefully, it’s not our last.  Every time I think I’m going to write about a topic, ten more come up and it’s been a bit overwhelming. I’ve especially wanted to write about the Buffalo Bills and about Western New York, in general, and I […]

Alabama Getaway

That’s an imperfect title but Sweet Home Alabama is too obvious. So anyway, see ya Roy Moore. Put your child molesting old ass on your stupid horse and hit the bricks. I’ll be honest, Alabama. I had absolutely no faith in you. Seriously. Why would I? It’s not like you’ve ever given us a reason […]

My God

In a recent post, I asked how you or I would feel if the next person exposed as a sexual harasser or worse was someone you really loved.  When I wrote that, I was thinking about an entertainer, not a politician.  Maybe your favorite author or musician.  Well, that hasn’t happened yet to me with […]


So, our glorious Senate, previously referred to as the the “world’s greatest deliberative body”, just voted to screw 90% of the country late Friday night.  The way in which they jammed this bill through should tell you everything you need to know about what a sham it was.  I couldn’t possibly put it any better […]