Darkness darkness, be my pillow  Take my head and let me sleep In the coolness of your shadow In the silence of your dream Darkness darkness, hide my yearning For the things that cannot be Keep my mind from constant turning  Towards the things I cannot see now  Towards the things I cannot see now […]

They Live

I feel like I’m a character in John Carpenter’s classic movie, They Live.  You know, the one where aliens have secretly taken over the world and have brainwashed everyone so that you can’t see who they really are and there are subliminal messages everywhere.  You need to wear a special pair of sunglasses or contact […]

Father’s Day

I’m sitting here in my car, on father’s day, waiting for my son’s baseball game to start. I can’t help but think of all those fathers and mothers who have been forcibly separated from their children at our southern border. What sort of a bullshit country would do such an immoral, heartless thing? What sort […]

Ashes Are Burning the Way

Travel the days of freedom Roads leading everywhere Come with me now and show how you care Follow the dying embers Cross on the paths that they lay Breath of the past the earths yesterday Clear your mind maybe you will find That the past is still turning Circles sway echo yesterday Ashes burning ashes […]

Low Barr

Guy Gavriel Kay‏Verified account @guygavrielkay FollowingFollowing @guygavrielkay More People like Roseanne Barr can be racist without Donald Trump, but a racist in the WH, saying and doing racist things, carries terrible weight and consequence. Empowering ugly is one of his great crimes against decency and his office. That there is one of my favorite authors, Guy Gavriel […]

Hypocrites and Fools

The hypocrites are slandering The sacred halls of truth Ancient nobles showering Their bitterness on youth Can’t we find The minds that made us strong? Oh can’t we learn To feel what’s right and what’s wrong? What’s wrong Cities full of hatred  Fear and lies  Withered hearts  And cruel, tormented eyes  Scheming demons  Dressed in […]


They should have known that trouble was brewing They should have seen what the old men knew They should have shut us down When the hail fell to the ground From a cloudy sky of baby blue I know that the news these days comes at us fast and furious and that it’s easy to […]