What a weekend, huh? I have some random thoughts on everything that happened so here goes. 

First off, the young woman who was run down and killed and the two state troopers who died in the helicopter are in my thoughts. Her name was Heather Heyer. Did you read what her Facebook page said? “if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention “.  She, along  with many other brave people in Virginia, had the courage to stand up against the haters. I find it comforting to see that there are many more good people than bad. 

I wonder if maybe the tide has turned a little bit. If maybe the folks in the political middle and the ones who don’t necessarily pay attention to world events on a daily basis have now taken notice. That they’ve come to the realization that the president won’t call out the Nazis by name. Maybe they’ll dig a little deeper and look into what Bannon and Gorka are really all about. Or that Trump’s father got arrested at a KKK rally way back when. Maybe they’ll start putting two and two together and realize that this is not some leftist conspiracy theory. I keep coming back to those three words, “on many sides”. History will judge this president and his supporters very harshly and those three words will live on in infamy.

Lastly, what can we do about racism? What should we do? These scumbag nazi wannabes feel so emboldened that they don’t even wear hoods or masks anymore. They’re out there, “loud and proud”. What do we do, you and I? First off, if they march or organize in our hometown, we protest. We get our friends and neighbors together and we let them know they’re severely outnumbered. If we’re not willing to loudly stand up against racism, we’re tacitly approving of it. 

The same goes for social media. I don’t want to hear about how you’re tired of people talking about Trump or whoever on social media. When something serious happens like it did  this weekend in Charlottesville, take a stand publicly. Your friends and family need to know where you stand. Don’t assume everyone knows how you feel. Put up a Facebook post or tweet it out. It matters. Show your kids the right way to respond. This is a teachable moment. If you don’t respond in times of crisis (and yes, this is a crisis), they probably won’t either when they’re older. Furthermore, we must call out the casual racism we encounter in our everyday lives. Call out your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving. Call out the idiot at work who uses a slur. It’s not okay. It’s not acceptable. 

If we’re not willing to speak out loudly, we’re part of the problem. 


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