I’m in Love With My Car

I’m in love with my car, gotta feel for my automobile

My rocker friends will recognize this lyric from Queen. It’s a cool song and that line has always stuck with me because I think it’s a nifty rhyme. I’ve never really been a car guy though. Some people love talking about cars. Some people are real gear heads and love to work on their cars and talk about engines and performance, etc.

That’s never been me. I’ve always thought of cars in a more utilitarian way. I need to get from point A to point B and a car sure comes in handy in that regard. I’m not particularly handy and don’t enjoy trying to put things together. I’m not interested in changing my own oil or brakes. I’ll fix something myself if I have to but get easily frustrated by the process. YouTube has made my life much easier in that regard.

All this is to say that I’ve never been a car guy. I’m a music guy. I’m a fantasy/science fiction/fanboy nerd guy. Never a car guy. But…

I’m in love with my car. I most definitely got a feel for my automobile. Cmon, admit it, that’s a cool rhyme. So by now, you’re maybe a little curious. What did he get? A mid-life crisis, sports car? Um, no. I’m not having a mid-life crisis and I also don’t find sports cars to be particularly practical in Buffalo,  NY.

Here’s the thing. On a good day, I have a 35 minute commute. If there’s a storm or an accident, I’m  looking at 90 minutes in my car on any given day. So I traded in my base model Escape and got myself a decked out, Mazda cx-5. It’s got lumbar support. It’s got heated seats. Bluetooth and satellite radio. A sunroof, etc. Hey, I’m 50. What can I say? Being comfortable excites me!


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