The Moocher

The White House Communications Director gives an interview to the New Yorker this week and, well, um, hmmm. What can I say about his comments? Apparently, Steve Bannon, in addition to being a white supremacist douchbag, is also quite the contortionist! 

I’m making light of this but, in reality, there’s nothing funny about it. Who in their right mind speaks this way to the press? These are the types of people who are leading our country? I’m far from a prude but cmon, man. Our elected officials and their staffs should maintain a certain sense of decorum, no? 

A lot of us are very concerned about what will happen if a real crisis hits us. How in the world will this group of greedy, incompetent, self serving, idiots keep us safe? I read another take on it, from David Frum, I think, saying that this point of view is all wrong. The real crisis is already upon us, says Frum. The real crisis is Trump. 

I have a true appreciation and admiration for the republicans who are smart enough and patriotic enough, to put our country ahead of their party. David Frum, George Will, Joe Scarborough, and Max Boot come immediately to mind. I have even greater admiration for Senators Collins and Murkowski. We need more women in Congress and in state houses. We need way less of people like Trump and the moocher. 


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