Boys to Men

No, this is definitely not a post about boy bands, a topic of which I proudly know nothing. Rather, it’s about my guys, both of whom are home from college for the summer. 

#1 son is now a college graduate and is heading off to Grad School in the fall. I’ve learned more in the week since he’s been home than I have all year. I can’t believe how intelligent and well read he is. At 22, my base of knowledge consisted of music, literature, and sports. That hasn’t changed much (beat ya to it). This kid of mine can speak intelligently about topics I’m only vaguely aware exist. The drought in Chad? Check. Congressional assassination report from 1979? Check. I won’t tell him this because I don’t want him to get a big head, but I’m more than a little bit in awe of him. I don’t know where his life will take him but I think he’s headed for big things. 

#2 son just finished his freshman year. He’s the athlete of the family. He’s dedicated his life to baseball. I don’t know how college athletes do it. Between workouts, practices, scrimmages, and games, and oh yeah, school, their schedules are jam packed. As a freshman, he didn’t get much of a shot to play so I’ve only seen him play once since last summer. 

I watched him play last night. He’s on a local muni team. We got there and one thing was immediately apparent. This ain’t little league. These were grown men. My kid is 6’2″but he’s 18 and in spite of all the working out, he’s maybe 185 soaking wet. Some of  these guys played in the minors. A guy on the other team played for the Buffalo Bisons! And here’s my scrawny,  pipsqueak eighteen year old, playing third. At first, I was nervous for him. As the game wore on, I was in awe of him too. He had 4 put outs at 3rd. At the plate, he went 1-2 with a walk. He smacked a ball opposite field that was a foot short of out. It was great fun to watch. 

Okay, my proud parent rant is over for now. Looking forward to a great summer with my boys, er, men. 


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