I told you so?  Dangerously unqualified.  I take no satisfaction from being right.  Oh, okay, maybe a little bit. Still, it’s not too late to get on the right side of history.  Be a big person and learn how to admit when you’re wrong.  I’m speaking to you, Trump voter.  You were and are sooooo wrong about your candidate.  Repent and all is forgiven. 😉 Repent, before it’s too late. For all of us.


3 thoughts on “Um…

  1. Ditto, ditto, ditto. He was unfit for the office from the beginning. It isn’t good enough just to vote for him as an anti Hillary vote. Like her or not, she was a better choice even with her baggage. He is a danger to our safety and well being. I just hope we don’t have a national emergency before he is removed from office.


  2. Would still vote for Trump today and twice on Sunday. You will find you are making a big deal about nothing in the long term, I believe the opposition is looking for problems were there are none, make noise over rumors and unconfirmed sources. The Hillary argument holds no water with me and many other people. She was no more qualified then Trump with way to much baggage for a lot of people.


    1. Sad to say, because we’re longtime friends and I’ll always be your friend, but that kind of stubbornness and lack of critical thinking makes you part of the problem. We should all be smart enough and big enough people to admit our mistakes. If the situation were reversed, I swear on my kid’s lives, I’d be all for impeachment of HRC.


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