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I’ve been stewing about Iron Fist for the past ten days.  Friends and regular readers know that I’m a Marvel nerd.  I’ve been that way ever since buying my first Spiderman comic at Keys Drugs in Irondequoit Plaza in 1972.  I’ve enjoyed all of the movies tremendously.  Even the crappy ones(Nick Cage as Ghostrider?).  Marvel hasn’t taken one major misstep along the way.  Until now.

Iron Fist is so bad, I’m not sure words can do it justice.  It’s particularly disappointing in light of the fact that all of the previous Netflix series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, were out of this world good.  What makes Iron Fist so awful?  Let me count the ways. First off, whoever cast Finn Jones in the title role should have to go ten rounds with Luke Cage.  Jones is almost unwatchable in the role.  Physically, he’s just not up to it.  He’s scrawny and his fighting is lacking.  It’s not believable. He’s also unlikable.  Not in an anti-hero sort of way like Frank Castle.  I mean he’s a whiny little bitch who I found myself actively rooting against.  The writing, direction, and choreography were all a mess.  Also, who was the big bad? Every super hero needs a compelling super villain.  This show has gotten clobbered by every critic out there and deservedly so.  Here’s hoping that The Defenders gets us back on track.

Have you watched The Feud?  I think Jessica Lange playing Joan Crawford could kick Finn Jones’ ass.  Now here is some great casting and some very inspired performances. Lange as Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis are both wonderful, chewing up the scenery in the best way.  Add in Stanley Tucci as Jack Warner and Alfred Molina(Doc Oc), as Robert Aldrich, Judy Davis as Hedda Hopper and wow!

Next up in our stroll through the channels is Legion. Okay Marvel, all is forgiven for Iron Fist. Legion is an absolute trip. If you were one of the 18 people who watched Hannibal and were amazed and stunned by it visually, you have to check Legion out.  It took a few episodes to get a handle on what’s really going on but I love this show about a very powerful mutant who was told he has mental problems all of his life but who really just has these powers and by the way, has this messed up, demon parasite living in his head.  I can’t do it justice in this short space but I love this. Jermaine Clement as Oliver Bird is worth the price of admission alone.

Lastly, if you’ve been watching Big Little Lies and are caught up, how the heck are they going to wrap this up with only one more episode left?  I fear that the ending to this very cool miniseries is going to end in a disappointing fashion.  I hope I’m wrong.




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