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So much news, so little time.  Let’s recap, shall we?  We have an Attorney General who just happened to be a senator and who lied in his testimony to Congress regarding his contact with Russia while working for the Trump campaign.  Never mind recusing himself.  He needs to resign immediately.  Will he?  Doubtful. C’mon Republicans, don’t be hypocrites. He needs to go.

We have a president that is blaming his opponents for the antisemitic attacks around the country.

This is all just the tip of the news iceberg and it’s enough to drive a nice liberal, Jewish, atheist boy like me crazy. So…

I’m reading a new book.  Any Guy Gavriel Kay fans out there may enjoy this one.  It’s reminiscent of Tigana.

Most importantly though, I’m hitting the concert trail.  Hard!  Tomorrow night, the lovely Missus and I are going to see Dan Bern at The 9th Ward, downstairs at Babeville.  I bought the bumper sticker above when I saw Bern at Mohawk Place on 4-16-03 and its been in my office at work ever since.  That was an amazing, full band show. It was a double bill with Daniel Johnston.  What a fantastic show that was!  Bern came back to Buffalo in November of 2004 for a solo, acoustic show that was not as great.  It was a Sunday night and the Bills were playing that night.  This was back before the “drought” was a thing and so the show was not well attended.  Plus, Bern said he had a bad hangover from the previous night in Toronto and he wasn’t really into it. He hasn’t been back here since.

Then next week, we’re going to see Adrian Belew at the Tralf.  I’ve seen him many times, both solo and with King Crimson.  This is going to be a great show.  Later in the month, I’m going to see Chuck Prophet at the Sportsmen.  I’ve never seen him before so that should be fun.  Next month, Martin Barre is back in town.

My point?  Resist.  Definitely resist.  As often as you can stand it.  But find an outlet too.  Rock on.



One thought on “Breathe

  1. Recusing simply isn’t going to be good enough for Sessions. He will eventually be gone and #45 won’t be happy. He’s not use to not having his way. He better get use to it. Resistance will not subside until he is out of the WH along with Bannon and Pence.


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