Silence Equals Approval

Please, nobody ask our president a question about Antisemitism.  He’ll barely acknowledge the topic. I don’t care if you’re the “least Anti-Semitic person in the world”, Mr. President, and I certainly don’t care that your daughter is married to a Jewish guy.  I care about your words and your actions.  I care about what you won’t say. I care about you giving a not so subtle wink to the neo-nazis and white nationalists.  Here’s a link to that disgusting interview answer.

I’ve said over and over that the haters have been drawn to Trump right from the start.  You can say that Trump is not a hater but the fact remains that he says and does things that draw the haters to him so in my book, that makes him no better than them.

Yesterday, ten more Jewish Community Centers around the country had to be evacuated due to bomb threats, including the JCC here in Buffalo.  My kids went that JCC regularly when they were in high school to work out!  This is personal.

It’s nice that Ivanka Trump tweeted out after it happened, I guess.  Crickets from the White House though.  Total silence.

Let’s see, did anything else happen yesterday?  Oh yeah, this!

This is what happens when our president refuses to speak out loudly and strongly against hate.  It’s what happens when you don’t even mention Jewish people in your statements about the Holocaust.  It’s what happens when you repeatedly speak in dog whistles to the alt-right haters.  This shit’s gotta stop.

To the 43% of voters who think Trump is the best thing since sliced bread, maybe stop for a minute and take a look around at what’s happening.  Have conversations.  Be vocal in your opposition to these kinds of hateful acts. Talk to your kids about it and make sure they understand that this is not the kind of person you are or the kind of person you want them to be. Silence equals approval.





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