And Anotha Thing

That was my Bernie voice, in print.  Did it come though?  I need to follow up on yesterday’s post, which I wrote before the press conference.  I didn’t watch it live but caught the
“highlights” on the evening news and read all about it too.

Please tell me, Trump voter, how you could possibly be okay with that unhinged, dangerously unqualified, tire fire of a president?  How does one go about defending him in any sort of a rational way? I realize we’re only a month in but I wonder if there will ever be a point where Trump supporters will start to peel off?  Where they’ll ever admit that they made a colossal mistake.  We’re so polarized that I have a hard time picturing it.  A recent poll showed that Trump has 80% approval from Republicans but only 8% from everyone else.  That’s some serious polarization.  Too bad so few people actually vote.

This is already, one month in, the worst presidency ever.  What is the “gang that can’t shoot straight” going to do when the first major crisis hits?  And you know it will.  There are always crises that pop up.  We are in for it, folks.  Time to start buying water and canned goods and building a bunker in the back yard.  I’m only half joking.  It will be a minor miracle if this asshat doesn’t get us all killed.

Communication breakdown
It’s always the same
I’m having a nervous breakdown
Drive me insane!


2 thoughts on “And Anotha Thing

  1. Gonna get my popcorn & a beer and sit back and watch it all unfold.
    He’s prepped many of his loyalists into believing it will be everyone’s fault but his…the factory that didn’t spring up in Nowhereville, Ky will be because of Muslims, China, Liberals and most importantly, an email scooped from Hillary’s server 12 years ago….but not his.


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