Not Enough Booze in the World

I’ve started several blog entries over the past couple days and just never completed them.  There’s just sooo much going on every single day in the news.  It’s too much to handle for my modest little blog.  It’s also enough to turn me into an alcoholic.  There really isn’t enough booze in the world though to make this administration okay with me.

Here’s what I want to know, though.  I truly want to know what the average Trump voter is thinking right now.  What do you make of Flynn leaving(fired?) after 24 days?  What do you think about an education secretary that has zero experience in education? What do you think about the campaign ties to Russia?  That’s three members of the campaign that were taken down now due to ties with Russia.  What do you think about the amateurish(to put it mildly) way the country is being run so far?  What do you think about the botched raid in Yemen and the fact that Yemen has since told us that we are no longer allowed into their country for future raids?

I mean, I could go on and on and on.  What say you, Trumpette? Is this all just “fake news”, in your head?  Is it all the media’s fault?  Be honest.  Can you honestly defend the absolute shit show we’ve lived through these past few weeks?  Lay it on me.



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