Rip This Joint

Much was made about Hillary Clinton’s emails and the private server she used.  It’s safe to say that this issue was one of the main reasons that she lost the election.  We could argue about whether it should have mattered as much as it did or if it really was the equivalent of everything wrong with Trump but at this point, I guess it doesn’t matter much. The election is over.  The good guys lost.

I respect the point of view that what she did was wrong.  I agree.  I don’t agree that it rose to the level it did but again, what’s done is done.  Here’s what I want to know.  Where are all of the people who were so worried about it, now that the current White House is using the RNC servers, which we already know were hacked last summer, along with the DNC servers?

More importantly, where is everyone now that this came out?

Not only is Trump holding national security talks out in public at Mar-a-Lago, one of his club members took a selfie with the soldier in charge of the “nuclear football” and posted it on his Facebook page, where he identified the soldier by name.

Are you freaking kidding me?  As one of my friends said, this is another example of the “shit-storm of ineptitude” with our new president and his administration.  This is amateur hour at it’s worst and it’s flat out dangerous for the world.  Where is the outrage from Comey and the FBI?  Where is the outrage from Ryan and McConnell?  If President Obama had done something this careless, Ryan would already have started impeachment proceedings.  Fox News would be running with this 24-7.  And rightly so.  This is careless, dangerous behavior. It’s indefensible. Where are you, Trump supporters?  Where is your outrage?  Why are so few people on that side of the aisle willing to put the good of the country ahead of their political party.  It’s more than hypocritical.  


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