First One

One of my few regular readers commented on yesterday’s post, not to talk politics, but to talk music.  He’s a Squeeze fan, as am I, and said that they were his first concert, along with The English Beat, and a then unknown opening band called REM. That’s one hell of a first concert experience, I’d say.  What year was that, Ortho? ’81ish?

My Dad “knew a guy” who worked at Magic 92 in Rochester(The then home of the Magic Moose!) and one September day in 7th grade, he came home and gave me two free tickets to an upcoming concert.  It was a triple bill. I asked my best friend at the time, Dave C, to go with me.   The headliner was Blue Oyster Cult.  AC/DC opened the show and Thin Lizzy was the middle band.  I don’t have the exact date of the show because they ripped my ticket stub in a bad place but I know it was October, 1978.  That’s right, rock fans.  In my very first concert, I saw Bon Scott with AC/DC and the great Phil Lynott with Thin Lizzy.  Pretty damn cool, huh?  Bon Scott died in February 1980 and strangely enough, the band never slowed down.  I saw them again eight months later, 10/3/80 on the Back in Black tour.  Lynott died in 1986.

Chime in, music fans.  What was your first show?  When was it?  Is it a show you’re proud of seeing or something lame that you liked then but think is funny now? If I don’t get any comments, I’m going back to politics tomorrow! 🙂



11 thoughts on “First One

  1. While I was in high school my parents weren’t at all keen on permitting my brothers or me to venture into the big, bad city of Rochester to cavort with deplorable concert goers. To that effect I was a latecomer. My first concert experience didn’t occur until my freshman year while at UB, when I was 17. I took advantage of my newfound freedom when my cousin (from Irondequoit), a Bruce Springsteen fan, told me he had an extra ticket for the Born In the USA tour stop in Buffalo. My cousin offered to give me the ticket if he and two of his buddies could crash in my dorm room after the concert. I wasn’t a Springsteen fan, and remain so to this day, but the ticket was free and the concert was, true to Springsteen’s reputation, an impressive 3 hours of quality music. That was September 24, 1984.


  2. REO Speedwagon March 20th, 1980. War Memorial Rochester. 9 kids (8 seniors and freshman me) piled into a Ford Falcon and headed downtown. They were going out after so my dad came and picked me up. Great Rock & Roll band. As I live show I’d put them up against nearly anyone. Last great tour before they broke down into slushy pop.

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  3. If it was not for the county fairs I went to, I doubt I would have say any so called concerts. Good acts were few and far between when I was in my teens outside of Erie. And no way were my folks letting me travel to Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo for a concert and most of my friends were not concert goers, Growing up in farm country was mostly working, hunting, fishing and playing sports. But I do seem to recall that my first concert was a Bill Anderson performance at the Wattsburg Fair when I was 13 or so. My folks liked him so was caught the show.


    1. Bll Anderson! One of my favorite country folk songs is Po Folks by Anderson. I remember first hearing my uncle (Charlie Daniels- but not THE Charlie Daniels) sing and play that song on guitar when I was young. The juxtaposed depressing yet funny lyrics always stuck with me so I added Po Folks to my repertoire when I made the switch and started playing acoustic far more often than electric.


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