Trump has put forth his Supreme Court nominee and by most accounts, he is a qualified man.  He’s very conservative and is being compared to Scalia.  That’s to be expected.  He’s not a particularly controversial nominee.  Having said that, it’s very tempting for me to say to the Senate Dems, “block him”, “filibuster until you lose your voices”.  Why?  Because the Senate republicans gamed the system with the Garland nomination.  They refused to hold a hearing, coming up with a bullshit argument about the last year of his(Obama’s) term.  It was an unprecedented move and it worked for them.

Playing by the rules has clearly not worked for the Dems, so I’m tempted to tell them to start playing dirty.  It’s certainly worked for the other side.  The Democrats remind me of the redcoat British soldiers in the Revolutionary War stories we learned as kids.  The redcoats continued to fight in their organized lines and no one could match their organization and timing, until the revolutionaries finally learned how to fight guerrilla style. and pick them off from every angle. When will the Dems learn how to fight dirty?  I’m very tempted to say that time should be now.



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