I didn’t start this blog thinking that I would focus so heavily on politics and world events.  I really thought that I’d write more frequently about music and pop culture.  With all that’s going on though, writing too often about the latest movie or TV show that interests me just seems kind of shallow.

Amid all of the uproar this weekend, with the protests and the very poorly thought out new policy shift on visas, it was easy to miss the most horrifying story(and that’s really saying something).

Trump put a white nationalist scumbag, Steve Bannon, on the National Security Council principals committee and removed the Director of National Intelligence and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is a horrific turn of events.  I’ve written many times about how dangerous I thought a Trump presidency would be and that he could literally get us all killed.  If, god forbid, something terrible happens, whoever is left should look back on this moment.  I keep thinking things surely can’t keep getting worse.  We can’t possibly sink any lower.  And then we do.

I have to think that the casual Trump voter is having some serious buyer’s remorse right now.  Not you hardcore followers.  You’re a lost cause.  I mean the people in the middle who could have gone either way with their votes.  They were conned.

One good thing has come of the mess we’re already in though.  The protests.  I never thought I’d see so many people in the streets, exercising their rights.  It’s telling because, c’mon, it takes a lot for us to get up off of the couch and do anything, never mind go out in the cold and protest.  We’re only ten days in and the resistance has truly begun.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes before an obvious leader of the resistance emerges.


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