Another Name Game

Well, a week in and we’re all paying attention, aren’t we?  Ironic how President Obama got crushed for all of his executive orders but Trump has come in and done nothing but executive orders, taking it to a whole other level.  Anyway, that’s not what this post is about.  I feel we have to remain vigilant but I also feel like it can’t be all consuming, as scary as it is. I don’t know about you but I need other distractions to try to hang onto what’s left of my sanity.  To that end, there was an interesting story in the local news(which then made national news in the rock press) last week about the time that David Bowie and Iggy Pop were busted for drug possession in Rochester.

I remember this story well from my childhood.  I was ten in March of ’77.  This story was on the local news every night.  At the time, I really only knew Bowie from the song, Fame, which I had on one of my K-Tel albums.  Now someone is making a documentary about it.

Filed under the heading of, “it really is a small world”, I happen to know a little something about what really occurred.  The comes from one my oldest and best friends, who I hope, when he eventually reads this, will contact the documentary maker and share this story.  My friend’s cousin was Bowie’s manager at the time.  As the story goes, Bowie treated his manager very poorly and his father, my friend’s uncle, was quite ticked off about it.  How ticked off?  Enough to place an anonymous call to the Rochester police and tip them off, which led to the arrest!  Cool story,huh?

So why is this blog entry called Another Name Game? Well, his uncle’s name was Schmuly. You just don’t run across too many Schmulys these days, do you?  It got me to thinking about the various people who my father knew with weird and funny nicknames.  I remember him talking about someone named Snuffy, which always made me chuckle.  There was Chink, who was not Chinese and as far as I know, his name was not a slur, but I don’t know the origin.  My Uncle Rich had a brother who I think was named Tulie.  There were a number of other interesting names that I can’t remember.  Maybe when my Mom reads this, she’ll comment and chime in.  If you do, remember to comment anonymously Mom.  Whispers, “no one knows who is writing this”.

My sister taught me The Name Game song when I was very young.  We used to sing it quite often.  My brother in-law would always try to get me to sing it with Rich and Chuck.  Here’s Jessica Lange, knocking it out of the park on American Horror Story.



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