There is so much going on, so much news(almost all bad from my perspective), that it’s proving to be overwhelming for this modest little blog.  I can’t keep up!  There’s just no way for me to touch on every major story out there.  So I’m just going to pick up little tidbits in the news that are of particular interest to me, talk about them a little bit, and then, you know, post a semi-appropriate song to go along with it, for as long as we still have a first amendment, any way.

What strikes me most today is the hypocrisy which I’ve noticed is surrounding Trump . Don’t know what I mean?  Take a look at this.

As the article says, this is not illegal.  It is awfully ironic though, considering all of the “lock her up” chants directed towards Hillary for using a private server.  And, as this article rightly points out, we already know that RNC server was previously hacked.  Hypocrisy at its finest right there!

If that’s not bad enough, it has now been reported that Trump is still using his unsecured, private cell phone!!!

Go ahead, Trump apologists.  Please, try to defend this.  Good luck.

Next up is the absolute bullshit about voter fraud.  He’s going to use the bullshit argument to try to restrict voting rights.  This is straight out of the Nazi playbook.  All of this.

There are plenty of people who are registered to vote in two states.  Why?  Because people move.  It doesn’t mean they are voting in two states.  For fucks sake, Trump’s own daughter and top adviser fall into this category.  It’s not evidence of voter fraud. There is no such evidence because it does not exist. Again, another bullshit argument that he will try to use to restrict rights.

Lastly, and this one is really upsetting to me, Trump has threatened to send in the Feds to Chicago to address the gun violence there.

Never mind that he quoted the wrong statistics.  I would expect nothing less.  Still, there is obviously a gun crime problem there.  What can be done?  2nd Amendment people are quick to point out that the gun laws are very strict in Illinois and use that as an example to say stricter gun laws don’t work.  I call BS on that.  Bigly.

Each state, as you know, has their own gun laws.  Can’t get the gun you want in Chicago?  Go to Indiana and get it there.That’s exactly what has been happening.

So what’s Trump going to do?  He’s not going to go in and restrict gun rights further.  We know that.  How does he solve the problem?  Curfews?  Martial law? Keep an eye on this. I predict he’ll try to use this as an excuse to restrict people’s rights.  Not gun rights though.  That would just be wrong.


One thought on “Chicago

  1. Don’t forget the hypocrisy of being a leader of the birther movement to delegitimize the former president while currently blaming everyone for trying to delegitimize his presidency.

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