Sneaky Pete

Distractions are the best coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations, at least for me.  Whenever my mind takes me down the rabbit hole of our incoming president and how awful things are going to be, I try to find a distraction.  I still can’t believe how stupid we were to elect this guy.  Sorry, I can’t pull any punches here.  If you voted for the guy, you made an awful mistake, whether you realize it or not. The whole world is holding its breath right now. Here’s just one small example.

Anyway, distractions.  I’ve been playing a lot of mandolin.  I wrote the lyrics to a couple of new songs this week and have been trying to learn the music that my friend Jim wrote for one of them.  I’m still very much the novice player so it’s challenging for me but it’s great fun and an absolutely great distraction.  I’m always amazed by how fast the time goes when we’re playing.  We get going and next thing you know, it’s 1 am.

I’m between books right now but have found a great new(to us) TV show, Sneaky Pete.

The Lovely Missus and I watched the first three episodes last night.  It’s fantastic.  It’s also a shame that such a great effort is hidden away on Amazon, where not many people will find it.  If you like movies, books, and TV shows about con men, full of twists and turns, you’ll love this. Think The Sting, The Grifters, and a few of those movies with Ricky Jay in them.  Sneaky Pete was co-created by Bryan Cranston, who also has a key supporting role on the show.

We’ve only seen three episodes so far but I can tell already that this show is worth the time.  I’d much rather spend my time watching these fictional con men and women than stress out about the con man that we just elected as president.


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