San Junipero

Taking a break from the real world for a minute.  Does anyone watch Black Mirror on Netflix?  It’s a very interesting show.  Each episode is a stand alone with an all new cast.  The series is about, what?  It’s hard to explain.  Each episode imagines our world with a slightly different take on technology and how it effects our lives.  It’s speculative fiction, I guess you’d say.

San Junipero is the fourth episode of the third season and the lovely Missus and I watched it last night, after digging out from the two feet of snow we got.  In this episode, which unfolds slowly, Heaven is real!  Not that heaven. Stand down, religious people.  This heaven is digital.  Literally, in the cloud.  The technological twist in this episode is that society found a way to transfer a person’s consciousness into the cloud before they die.  San Junipero is a seaside, California party town.  You can be there during whatever time period you like and switch back and forth.  Not everyone wants to go there when they die.  It’s optional.  There’s a lot more to it and there’s an important subplot revolving around a love story, but I won’t spoil it any more, in case you want to watch.

Also, the music was spot on.  I particularly loved it when one character, living in the 80’s, threw a Smiths cassette in and played Girlfriend’s in a Coma.

This place is my kind of heaven and for this non-believer, the only one I think is remotely possible.


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