Bombs Away

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about and why so many of us think this guy has the potential to get us all killed, take a look at this article.

It’s linking to a WSJ article but I don’t have a subscription to that.  In what world is scaling back our intelligence offices a good idea?  They’re biased against him?  17 Intelligence agencies have concluded that Assange and the Russians conspired to interfere with our elections but rather than accept their conclusions, because they make him look bad, Trump has sided with the bad guys.  Our president elect has sided with the bad guys.  And not just him.  Because so many Trump voters are seemingly unable to think critically, many of them now view Putin favorably! Talk about intellectual laziness!

The thoughts in my head lately keep running back to the post-apocalyptic novels that I’ve read.  Unlike many of my close friends, I definitely lack the survival skills needed. I don’t hunt or fish.  I own no weapons.  I was actually thinking of buying a handgun(I hate guns, I really do).  My friend suggested that I consider buying a crossbow for potential hunting purposes.  That sounds kind of fun to me, in a medieval sort of way.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I feel like I should stock my basement with gallons of water and canned goods and start mapping a potential route up north in the event of a nuclear catastrophe.  This is what it’s come to.  We’ve elected a president who is a danger to us all.  Good job, voters!




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