Did you happen to catch this story?

This is super interesting to me for several reasons.  First off, we have one of these devices and are really enjoying it for the music.  It has a surprisingly strong and rich sounding speaker.  It does not have great word recognition yet though.  Google has them by a mile there.  Here’s the thing, though.  It’s always on.  Is it listening to all of our conversations?  If it hears the name, Alexa, it will then respond.  So it’s always on, listening for its name.  It allegedly only records after it hears its name.  So, it has a “big brother” feel to it which kind of creeps me out.  Is Amazon really not recording everything?  Could the government or some other entity tap into it and listen in?  They’d be bored to tears if they listened in on us but still, it’s straight out of a George Orwell novel.

In this case, the police have been trying to get whatever records they can from Amazon but to their credit, Amazon will not comply, citing privacy concerns.  Surely they know that if they complied, they would lose out on a great deal of future business.  This is reminiscent of the Apple Iphone case from last year.  Isn’t it interesting how the law has to deal with new technologies?

Is there even any question what song I’m going to tie into this?  A 23 minute, Pink Floyd song?  Yes please!



One thought on “Echoes

  1. It sure is “Big Brother”. Why else would Google buy “Nest” for a billion? It’s a programmable thermostat…that’s always on and monitoring you activites. Not spying but yes, I am sure Alexa is similar. Scary! Where’s my rotary phone!

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