Rogue One

Well,  what do you know? Someone actually made a good Star Wars movie! 

All nerds have their own list of franchises that they obsess about and I’m no different, except that maybe my list is a bit longer than average.  Also,  and this is hard for Star Wars fans to understand,  I’ve never been that into Star Wars. 

Like everyone else in the world,  I thought the first three movies were great fun. I’ve seen them many times. Everything since then,  I’ve found to be mostly awful,  bordering on unwatchable. Until now. 

The lovely Missus and I went to see Rogue 1 yesterday afternoon and I genuinely enjoyed it. It was perhaps twenty minutes too long but that’s a minor quibble. 

Whoever wrote the screenplay did a fantastic job. It was original and it told an important story which answered some questions about the first movie. This was a prequel. 

Also,  the casting was spot  on.  I’m not familiar with the two leads(showing my age) but they were both perfect for their roles. And come on now,  any movie with Mads Mikkelson and Forest Whitaker in it,  is surely an expertly cast one. 

I won’t give any details because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone but,  nice job,  Star Wars. Maybe this is a sign that you’re joining the storytelling big leagues. You know,  like Star Trek,  Lord of the Rings,  Game of Thrones,  Buffy,  Supernatural, etc.


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