Is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I was planning on writing about fantasy football today because that’s really all that’s been on my mind for the past two days.  I made a big mistake with my lineup but got lucky and still made the finals, in case you were wondering.  I’ll save the details for my next post.  In the meantime, let’s check in with the latest crazy idea from Newt Gingrich.


This is crazy talk.  A proactive pardon? Why would that idea even pop into his head?  Surely, the entire Trump team, including his children and all advisers will be beyond reproach and will conduct themselves with the highest moral and ethical character.  Oh wait…


Yes, that’s right.  The Trump sons are selling access to their father.  Blatantly and brazenly.  No bones about it.  You got gobs of money and want access?  Belly up to the bar, pardner!

I wonder, can a president issue a proactive pardon for himself?  This is just the tip of the ethical iceberg that we’re about to crash into. Is it too late to get off of the ship?  We know how this story is going to end.



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