Station Eleven

Well, I finished the book I was reading last week and was searching for a new one to distract me from our incoming Russian/American government.  After much searching around, here’s what I settled on:

The post-apocalyptic genre has interested me ever since I first read The Stand in 1980.  I went on to read The Talisman around that time too.  Both of those novels combined a supernatural element with the end of the world as we know it.  I’m already 75% of the way through Station Eleven and so far, there is no supernatural element to it.  No, 99.99% of the human race is wiped out in days by the “Georgia Flu”.  Fun, huh?  Actually, I do find it to be a very interesting topic.  How do the remaining people survive?  I think about this fairly often.  Would I survive when the cans of beans run out?  Would I learn to hunt and fend for myself?

In this fictional world, the electricity is gone after a few weeks.  It never comes back. The author skips back and forth in time, so we see some characters before the pandemic and then again 20 years after it happens.  I’m certainly no engineer or scientist but, although I’m enjoying the novel, I see an obvious hole in the logic that has not been addressed so far.  Not one engineer survived?  Not one person who could put something together with solar panels or wind turbines?  C’mon man!

At least five of my friends could whip something up in no time flat to keep the beer cold.  Other than that though, I’m enjoying the book.  This whole, library download thing is very handy.  If you’re looking for me for the next few years, my head will be buried in a virtual book.  Come get me when it’s time to vote out the train wreck we just elected.




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