Jack the Lad

Hey Sabres fans, Jack is back!  Finally!  It’s all my fault, really.  The day before the season started, I was emailing two friends and wondering why so many critics were picking the Leafs to finish ahead of the Sabres this year.  It made no sense at all to me.  My one friend, who loves to be a contrarian when it comes to hockey, thought the Leafs were indeed better.  We made a friendly wager($1) and literally, within a minute of our bet, Eichel went down in practice with a high ankle sprain.  Then, other major injuries followed and here we are. No matter.  Jack is back!  Nice start too, with a goal and an assist.  Just as importantly, he makes the players around him better.  Everyone fits back into the spots they were meant to be in and are more comfortable in and it showed with a 5 goal performance last night in Ottawa.That’s a week’s worth of goals for this team!

So, in honor of Jack, here are some of my favorite songs that feature the name, “Jack”. I’m avoiding some obvious ones and trying to dig a little deeper.

Starting off with John Martyn and his folk-jazz masterpiece, Jack the Lad.  If you’re like me, you might think folk and jazz go together about as well as Chinese food and cheese. But somehow, Martyn pulls it off effortlessly.  Jack the Lad is British slang for a brash, cocky young man. Check this out.  You’re going to like it.


Next up is Dylan with Lily, Rosemary, & the Jack of Hearts.  Blood on the Tracks has always been my favorite Dylan album.  There’s not a weak track on it.


What would a music list of mine be without a Tull song?  Incomplete, that’s what.  The Rolling Stone Record Guide once referred to Songs From The Wood as “pure, unadulterated, Elizabethan boogie”. That always stuck with me. Tull has another entry with Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow but maybe I’ll save that one for my Christmas music list. Here are the boys with Jack in the Green.

Jack do you never sleep – does the green still run deep in your heart?
Or will these changing times, motorways, powerlines, keep us apart?
Well, I don’t think so.
I saw some grass growing through the pavements today.


Here’s a really cool tune from Tom Petty, off of his Highway Companion album.  I play this album quite often and saw Petty on this tour in a double bill with the Allman Brothers.  Good times!


I could do this all day but you know, work…So, I’ll end it with Jerry and the very tasty, Jack-a-Roe. Go Sabres!


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