We Don’t Need No Education Pt II

I’ve read several articles about our incoming Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, and I’m appropriately appalled by his pick. She’s a strong proponent of the voucher system, which will weaken out public school system.  What does this mean?

Money is siphoned from traditional public schools and towards a diverse array of unregulated for-profit and private providers.



How in the world is this a good idea?  We need a stronger public school system, right?  How is this even being considered?  We’re in a bizarro, upside down world, aren’t we?  Isn’t our public education system a bedrock of our country? Another snippet:

The shift of funds away from public school districts creates further stresses on traditional public schools. They are deprived of longstanding resources that compensate for the unwillingness of most states to provide adequate levels of funding for those districts that lack the capacity to raise enough money from local property tax revenues.

As traditional public schools wither and close, more and more families are drawn to the unregulated private sector.

Pink Floyd has a new, 27 disc set out featuring everything prior to Dark Side, so that’s ’65-72.  I caught a piece on World Cafe and was absolutely blown away by the second song they played, called Explosion.  It’s a previously unreleased song that was originally done for a movie soundtrack which never saw the light of day.  Any serious Floyd fan has to listen to this.  I can’t find the song anywhere else so far.  I hope it’s available in some other format because the 27 disc set costs over $500!









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