Something to Talk About

Well folks, there are just so many things to talk about.  So many crazy things going on. I’ll touch on two or three here before I get to the one issue that bothers me more than any other, and that’s saying something.  He’s not even president yet and our world seems to have already changed.  Obviously not for the better, from my perspective.

First off, how about the fact that Trump settled a fraud lawsuit pertaining to his “university” for $25 million?

This is, of course, unprecedented in our country’s history.  Fraud.  Our president elect.  Fraud!  Can you just imagine the uproar, the endless congressional hearings there would be, the impeachment talk, if this had just happened to president elect Clinton?  It would be a non-stop shit storm all over cable news.  Nothing to see here, though.  Move along, move along.

How about the story regarding foreign diplomats staying at Trump hotels?

Yes, our president elect will personally profit based on the office he will hold, while serving in that office!  Again, can you just imagine the unbelievable shit storm there would be if Clinton(or any Democrat for that matter), did the same?  Move along, move along, nothing to see here.

And then there is the ongoing story of the marked increase in hate crimes since the election.  Swastikas are popping up all over the place, often times with Trump’s name next to them.  I started to keep a list of links to all of the stories but it’s never ending and just too depressing an undertaking for me.  One of the higher profile stories involves The Beastie Boys(they are/were Jewish).

So, there are all of those, to my eye, horrifying stories.  I wish I could say that that’s all there is.  But wait, there’s more!  And here’s the story that, ahem, trump’s them all for me.

This is dangerous talk.  There’s a very real, very obvious,  right and wrong here.  Even talking about a registry, not immediately ruling out such a thing, is despicable.  Sure, they’re talking about it now in the context of foreign visitors but can you just imagine what the talk will be if we suffer a terrorist attack under the Trump administration?  Will we then force American Muslims to register?  Tattoo numbers on their arms?  Are the Jews next? The gays?  The Jewish gays?  They come up to bat with two strikes on em already!

The asshole quoted in the following article cited the WW2 Japanese internment camps as precedent!  Does he not see how utterly, disgustingly, shamefully wrong we were to do that?

Please Bonnie, soothe our nerves.  Give us something else to talk about.

One thought on “Something to Talk About

  1. It is downright frightening.

    It gives me a little comfort when I think that this asshat will never make it a year without being impeached. A little comfort…until I realize we get Pence as the consolation prize.

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