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Have you seen the latest Trump news about who he has decided will lead the transition for him at the EPA?

Of course he picked a climate change denier.  Trump has said as recently as last December that he does not believe climate change is man made. He also said he believed it was a hoax, perpetrated by the Chinese.  So here we are, with a climate denier calling the shots at the EPA.  That’s like putting a pedophile in charge of an orphanage( I stole that one).  It’s like putting Walter White in charge of selling cold pills(that one is mine).  Enjoy, Trump voter.  You own this.

The lovely Missus was working last night and since I had the house to myself, I did something I haven’t done in a long time.  I left the television off all night.  No news.  No Big Bang rerun.  No nothing.  I cranked the tunes and hung out with my dog while I read my new book.

I went right after work and got myself a library card for the first time in probably fifteen years.  Did you know that you can download library books to your kindle or any device?  This is potentially life changing.  I may never watch TV again!  Until the next Sabre game..

Here’s what I’m reading now, if you’re interested.  I’m a quarter way through it already.  I love the way this guy writes.

One of the characters told a joke to another that struck me as funny, in a silly, ridiculous way.  How come blind guys don’t skydive?  It drives the dogs crazy.


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