Strange Brew

The lovely Missus and I reached the same conclusion after work on Wednesday.  We needed to take a break from watching the news.  We haven’t watched the nightly news or any cable news since election night.  I skipped the Sunday morning shows today too.  I’m on hiatus, for my own mental well-being.  I’m only reading my news right now and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Our usual ritual is to watch Lester Holt at 6:30.  After that, in our market, Entertainment Tonight comes on.  It’s a joke between us because I usually run for the remote at that point.  I despise that kind of “entertainment news” and it’s superficiality.  On Wednesday night, I left it on as background noise while I read a book.  Brad Pitt has a new haircut, in case you were wondering.

In fact, it was the first book that I’ve read in a long time.  The book was Children of Earth and Sky, the latest from my favorite author, Guy Gavriel Kay. Kay writes historical fiction with what he describes as ” a quarter turn to the fantastic”.  I’ve been waiting for the right time to read this.  Savoring it because I knew it would go so fast.  And it did.  Another in a long line of great novels from Kay, filled with unbelievably great characterisation and intricate plots. More than anything though, his novels are filled with a sense of humanity which leave his readers breathless at times. Just what I needed.  I’m searching for another book to read but haven’t found the right one yet.

I haven’t abandoned all of the news.  I am paying very close attention to all of the reported hate crimes.  Unfortunately, there are so many of them that it could turn into a full time job.  I’m going to keep writing about that but I’m not sure I want to turn this blog into a daily, hate crime blotter.  Again, mental health.  I’m thinking that I might do a weekly round-up though of the major hate crimes in the news.  I have only linked to real, factual events and not unverifiable things on Twitter or elsewhere.  At least for now, this is our new reality, as inconvenient a fact as that is for Trump voters.

Friday night, in a further attempt to distract ourselves, the Missus and I went to see Dr. Strange in 3D.  She’s not really into comic book movies but I’m a Marvel junkie.  I won this one!  We arrived at our local Regal and while we’re waiting in line to buy tickets, an employee tells us that their seats are now reserved  and we have to pick our seats at the window if we didn’t already do so in advance through their app.  The Missus immediately looks at me with a smile on her face because, knowing me as well as she does, she knows that I’m not liking this change.  Reserve seats for a movie?  What the hell for?  Already, ideas are churning in my head about my blog entry.  File it under the heading, why fix something that ain’t broken.  Fifteen minutes before the start time, the only two seats together are in the second row.  At this point, I’m cursing under my breath. It’s been a long week, people.  You have to make changes at the theater too?  We get some popcorn and then head into the theater.  All of the seats are recliners!  They’re soft, cushy, and you can recline all the way back and lie down as you watch the movie.  I may bring a blanket next time!  This is the best thing ever!  I’m already re-writing that blog in my head.  I still don’t understand why you need to have reserved seating but the overwhelming comfort far exceeds any concerns about that.  This is the most American thing ever!  Lying down in public, watching a movie and shoving popcorn in my face?  Yes, please.

Dr. Strange was never anywhere near the top of my Marvel superhero list.  The only comics that I ever bought with him in them were The Defenders, which he was in from time to time.  A little too much mystical mumbo jumbo and not enough action for ten year old me.  Even so, I’ve been looking forward to this film for quite a while now.  I love Sherlock to death and have been eager to see what Benedict Cumberbatch would do with this role.  He did not disappoint.  It wasn’t my favorite Marvel movie but it was a lot of fun and it successfully took my mind off of real life for two hours.  It was visually stunning.  In fact, it was so trippy at times that I had to look away.  I was getting dizzy. They told his origin story and there was a ton of action.  The casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One caused quite a bit of controversy because she’s not Asian but I thought she was great in the role.  The rest of the cast was very strong as well.  I’ll see anything with Mads Mikkelsen in it.  What he did in Hannibal was stunning. The plot was mediocre but it was filled with action and all of the performances were top notch.

Yesterday, I worked on cleaning the house and even took the time to update my concert list spreadsheet.  I had about six years of tickets to add to the spreadsheet.  Anything  to not watch the news.  Today, I may alphabetize my albums and get them in better order…



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