Is This Us?

I’ve written pretty extensively about racism, antisemitism and the Trump campaign. About how his words were dog whistles and drew the white nationalists and hate groups to him.  About how his words gave cover to the hate and legitimised it.   I feel like most people who read this and who were not minorities themselves, religious or otherwise, didn’t really believe me or maybe thought I was blowing it out of proportion.  It’s easy to do that way when you’re not the one feeling persecuted.  Is this us though?  Is this who we want to be as a country?

Day one, post election.  Day freaking one:

Disturbing acts in Wellsville, at Canisius College follow Election Day

I’m quite certain that anyone I know personally who is reading this would find this shit to be appalling, abhorrent, disgusting, and dangerous.  Did you vote for the guy who was endorsed by the KKK anyway? There are varying degrees of racism and antisemitism.  We all like to think that we’re decent people.  For the most part, we are.  This is a tough thing to say but if you see this kind of stuff and think it’s not that big of a deal or if you rightly think it’s horrible but still think pulling the lever for Trump was the right thing to do, well, I guess your priorities are just different than mine.

I have a feeling this is going to get much worse.  I’ll be writing about it every step of the way.


6 thoughts on “Is This Us?

  1. I agree this is very wrong and uncalled for and lets hope they catch them and punish them. But this is not Trumps doing and not the tone he is trying to set. I listened to his speech and it was a humble tone, wanting to bring the country together to achieve his goals and vision. I also listened to Hillary and Obama speak and they also set a good tone of wanting to see Trump do well and bring the country together working for a better America.

    In a similar regard is rioting okay because Trump won and you do not agree with the results? Because to me neither the riots in California or the Nazis graffiti are correct response to this or any election in our society.


    1. Btw, riots and protests are two totally different things. I have not seen anyone rioting and if they were, I would be against that too. Protesting has a long history in our country and I’m all for it, when done peacefully.


  2. I also think both are a product of fear and ignorance. I am also not belittling the anti-Semitism you and your family have faced or may face in the future, which I hope never happens again. But these type of people can not and should not be hiding behind Trump like this it is wrong and I do not believe he is this type of person.


    1. They should not be hiding behind Trump but they are. You appear to have a blind spot about this. I guess that’s why it’s called a dog whistle. Trump used words that drew these people to his campaign. He went on to hire Bannon from breitbart to be his campaign manager. Trump gathered these people together and “legitimized” their beliefs.


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