American Tune

I went and voted at 6am this morning so I could get it out of the way before work and so I could beat any potential lines.  I always do this and am always one of the first people to vote in my district.  Not today.  The place was rocking!  Say what you will about this lengthy, tedious, election process and about how much everyone dislikes both candidates but they appear to have energized the electorate.  If my little voting district is any indication, voter turnout will be at an all-time high this year.  I hope so.  I hope everyone takes the time to vote.

After Hillary voted for the Iraq war, I swore I’d never cast another vote for her.  I went right on her website that same day and told her so(not that she read it, I’m sure).  I cast my New York State primary vote in 2008 for then Senator Obama with absolute glee.  It was my way of paying her back for that awful vote.  She obviously paid the price.

Here we are though, in a situation that I never foresaw, with the most awful, dangerous, major party presidential candidate in modern history, if not in the history of our entire country. So, I voted for Hillary.  The barbarians are at the gate.  We do what we must.  I voted for common sense gun reform.  I voted for women’s rights.  I voted for the future of the Supreme Court.  I voted for gay rights.  I voted for addressing climate change instead of ignoring it. I voted for our own safety.  I voted for so many other issues where my views align closely with hers.  I voted for her.  I’m proud to say that I did so.


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