The Sports Parent

My friend’s son played in the soccer sectional final last night and I went to watch it after work.  Their team is the number one seed and his son is the leading scorer(goals plus assists) in the section.

I’ve known Greg for over thirty years.  He’s one of my best friends.  He’s smart and he’s funny.  Like all of my friends, he’d do anything for you.  Always there in a pinch.  I’ve seen him at his best, I’ve seen him at his worst, and I’ve seen him at all points in between(and vice versa).  Or so I thought!  I had never before seen him in his role as “sports parent”. It’s like I don’t even know him!

When your kid is in a high stakes sporting event, you’re naturally going to be nervous.  I’ve been through it. It’s perfectly normal.  He’s been nervous for the past two weeks.  What I didn’t expect from my normally, very laid back friend, was to see him yelling at the team(mostly positive encouragement but there were a few words of admonishment too), swearing under his breath(only I and the parent on the other side of him could hear), and generally “coaching” from the sideline.  It was really funny!

Having lived through 12 years of youth baseball, I’m certainly used to the “coaching” parent from the bleachers.  Unlike most parents though, Greg knows what he’s talking about.He played soccer and has coached youth soccer for years. My favorite moment was when he yelled in at one boy and the kid gave him a death stare.  It was hilarious.  I don’t think Greg noticed.

The good guys won, 5-2 and Greg’s son scored a goal.  On to the regionals.

You’ll need to know your stuff to get this musical reference.


6 thoughts on “The Sports Parent

  1. Yelled plenty as a wrestling coach. No need during swim meets – they can’t hear you. Yell during diving – get expelled from the event!


  2. Oh.. Lars can’t hear anything inside the glass. I’m yelling at him for me.. not for him.

    Yelling at rowing is encouraged, but, about the most useless thing of all time.
    1.) They are waaaay out in the water and by the time you see them they are exhausted.
    2.) There is a dedicated yeller in the boat called the coxswain – she even gets a little microphone and speaker setup you can’t compete with that.
    3.) What are you supposed to yell anyway?

    Fun fact – part of what the coxswain on Tara’s boat does is talk trash to the other team over the speaker ” the 4 seat from Our Lady of Blessed Agony is fading, she doesn’t have it this race “. psy-ops basically.


    1. LoL the amount of nasty things you could yell or trash-talk in that seat is unbelievable. I am laughing to myself thinking about some…none of which can be printed here.


  3. Plenty of yelling for me at both swim and cross country. I’ve even got a cow bell for XC! At swim sectionals when she got the state cut you would have though I swam the race…. sweaty, heart racing, it’s nuts !


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