The Morning After

Everyone is so ready for the election to be over.  That’s all you hear and see online.  Our election process is way too long.  I think almost everyone would agree on that.  Too much campaigning, not enough governing(I’m looking at you, Congress).

But what happens on the morning after?  Let’s assume Hillary wins, which seems like a decent bet, given the fact that Sniffles is a disgusting piece of shit and also that the polls seem to indicate that he’s in trouble.  What next?

Will we all go back to business a usual?  Get busy with the upcoming holiday season and move forward?  I’m asking because a fairly large percentage of Trumpettes have already said that if he loses, it’s because the election is rigged and there is some big conspiracy between the Dems and the media(and the Jews, don’t forget the Jews).  Many people are saying(see what I did there?) that they will never accept Hillary as president. Trump has not done us any favors by encouraging this kind of thinking. Whatever happens, I sincerely hope I don’t have to hear Sniffle’s voice on the news anymore every night.  Here’s how I feel about that.


28 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Well.. for the most part whether or not you “accept” the president is of really no consequence at all. Other than perhaps active members of the military its just not a day to day issue. Even with the military most polls show them divided between Clinton, Johnson, and Trump.

    For people in the various 3 letter organizations it’s not a real issue either. You certainly have your opinion, and, decisions out of the WhiteHouse can certainly change your focus, but, in the end I don’t know of anyone who would up and quit no matter who became president.

    What does someone that “doesn’t accept the president” actually do to materialize that?


      1. I think your point is about the media pushing an agenda, which of course, is sometimes true. It does not mean that there isn’t some truth to be found there. White supremacy is on the rise. Thankfully, it’s still small but it is bigger than it was. Maybe it’s a coincidence that it has coincided with the Trump/birther thing. Maybe not. Either way, the fact that is that it’s on the rise. To me, the media coverage of issues is a separate but related issue. Anyway, thought you might be interested in reading it. On to more pressing matters. Going to see AWR tonight and um, my aarp card just arrived in the mail today…


  2. Why are you worried about the violence you suggested? What leads you to believe that is a real possibility. I personally feel that those stories are being amplified by the media for the exact “dog whistle” that you rail about in other posts.


  3. And who is telling you this about white supremacist groups? Or have you seen it yourself? Because believe you me if that was true, I am sure I would have noticed it here in the south central PA area. You get a chance google racial violence York pa. If that were really happening I am sure it would get reported here. And this area has seen Klan activity in recent years.


  4. So do you think that if Trump won there is no chance of the same thing happening from the other side. I see that as more the really possibility after seeing some of the WikiLeaks stuff and the vandalism of trump signs and Hollywood walk of fame star and lets not for get the firebombed GOP office in NC.


  5. No one can pin this so called raise in extremist groups totally on Mr. Trump. Some of the blame has to be put on b.l.m. , social media and any group or forms that promotes or encourages violence against police and society before all the facts are known. That is not to say were these all peaceful demonstration the same thing may not have happed. But I would argue to a lesser extent. So what we have here is a certain section of the left projecting a possible extreme reaction of a small fraction on the right and we have a section of the right projecting what a small percentage on the extreme left are doing to a broad section of the left.


    1. Did you read the splc report? Just as one example, klan chapters grew from 72 to 190. That’s not some media spin or a fringe left rant. It’s just a reported fact. I find it to be an alarming fact. I realize it’s a bigger issue for me than for some.


  6. All 3 of your references have an agenda against Trump. No question about it. But what facts are the using? They reference no FBI, or DOJ reports or investigations. According to their hate map I live within a hours drive of at least a half dozen hate groups. Sorry to say they are not active anywhere around here or so it seems. That tweet is another joke. They found 10K Trump followers of which a 1/3 were following white supremacist. Of course they did say you could follow and not be a supremacist. I know these groups exist. Hell my one neighbor is president of the local Pagan MC chapter. Now that is a racist/white supremacist group and they do not even make the list of the SPL.


    1. I would again refer you to the splc. They track these things and it is on the rise. These people have flocked to Trump and he needs their votes. The kkk officially endorsed Trump this week too. That’s a bad look.


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