The Mad Cap Laughs 

My last two blog entries were a bit harsh. I’m aware of that. While I stand behind what I said and will not walk it back,  I do want to clarify something for my Republican friends (if they’re still talking to me). 

As far as I’m concerned,  this is not a left versus right issue. It’s not a Democrat versus Republican issue. We have differences. We see things differently at times. Generally speaking,  we come together for the common good. 

This is solely about Trump. I obviously lean towards the progressive point of view on most things. I didn’t vote for Romney or McCain. My opposition to them was mostly about potential  Supreme Court nominees and about certain issues that I care about. I never hated them. I recognized then that they were decent,  patriotic men and I still feel that way. I never worried about the fate of the world were they to be elected. And although the hate filled alt-right always gravitates to the Republican candidate, McCain and Romney never cozied up to the crazies. McCain,  to his ever lasting credit,  famously shot down a woman at a town hall who went on about Obama being a Muslim. Contrast that with Sniffles,  who built his whole political career on the racist birther claims. 

I could go on but I’m sure you get my point. This is about right versus wrong,  not  right versus left. It’s about sanity versus insanity, as Andrew Sullivan said on Maher this week. We’ll have to debate the issues next time around. This is all about keeping a dangerous,  unqualified, vile person away from the nuclear codes. Nothing more than that. 

I’m trying not to get so discouraged by the fact that 35-40 percent of he voting public are pulling the lever for him. Instead, I’m going to try to focus on the fact that it’s shaping up to be a one sided affair and that most of us realize what the sane choice is.


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