Thin Lizzy was such an underrated band,  Their sixth album, Jailbreak, was released in 1976 and featured three of their most popular songs, The Boys are Back in Town, Cowboy Song, and the title track.

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
Somewhere in the town
Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
So don’t you be around

There are plenty of great songs about jails and prisons but I have a special affinity for Thin Lizzy.  I was lucky enough to see them before Phil Lynott left us.  It was my very first concert, a triple bill with AC/DC opening the show(Bon Scott was  still the singer), Thin Lizzy next, and Blue Oyster Cult headlining.  I was immediately hooked on live music.

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, I was watching the debate last night and Mr. Sniffles threatened to jail his opponent if wins the presidency.


I understand that today, he and his campaign have tried to walk that back a bit and say it was just a “quip”.  Sorry, Sniffles.  You said it.  You own it.  And it’s a chilling look at what a Trump presidency would be, using government resources for his own personal whims.  This is third world stuff.  It’s not what we do here. It’s not who we are.


The key lines:

This is everything we feared about Donald Trump. His long history of trying to silence critics with lawsuits, his inability to let personal slights go, his pettiness: The nightmare scenario is that these would incline him to use the power of the presidency to forcibly silence his critics and opponents. That’s what is done by tin-pot dictators spanning the globe from North Korea to Zimbabwe. That’s what happens in countries where peaceful transitions of power are the exception, not the rule.

Donald Trump just threatened to bring that to America.

The fact that roughly 40% of the voting public is still with him, after everything he’s said and done, is just amazing to me.  That there are any elected officials still with Trump is even more amazing.  History will not be kind.  Their future political opponents will beat them over the head with this until they are all out of office.  The man is a stain on society.  He has no business being our president.

What tape will be released next?  The one of him allegedly using the “N” word in an Apprentice outtake?  He’s a historically bad candidate.  I have to think that anyone other than Hillary would be up by thirty points right now.  What an absolutely insane year this has been.  Buckle up.  It ain’t over yet.


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