End Times

I don’t blog much on the weekend but holy cow, what the heck is happening here?  We’ll get to what Sniffles said in a minute but first, I have to mention that I feel like we’ve crossed an important line, culturally speaking.  When the “P” word is being said all over the news and when it’s in print all over the place, I feel like one more line in cultural civility has been crossed.  It’s in the New York Times, for god’s sake!

I’m not saying this as a criticism of our news organisations.  What choice did they have?  This is, by all account, a very big story.  It could and I would argue, should, have an effect on the presidential election.  Still, is this what we’ve come to as a society?  What’s left?  In four or eight years, will the “C” word be front page news and will we look back on this day and think, “how quaint”?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the furthest thing from a prude.  I laugh at and occasionally tell raunchy jokes.  I think Clerks is one of the funniest movies ever.  But that’s entertainment and it’s private life.  It’s not front page news.  I just think that before we move on, it’s worth noting that a cultural line has been crossed.

So, having said that, holy shit!!!Can you freaking believe this story?  I’ve seen some very weak statements defending Sniffles.  He was a private citizen, not running for office.  He didn’t know he was being recorded, etc.  First off, he had a mic clipped to his lapel.  Maybe, watch what you’re saying, in case it’s on?  More importantly, it’s what he said.  Lewd comments?  It’s way more than that.  He’s talking about sexual assault.  Sure, he was a private citizen but it goes toward his character, which is severely lacking.  Again, he was talking about grabbing women in the crotch.  That is sexual assault.  Period.  End of story.

I’m not sure why, after all of the awful things this douchebag(again, not a prude) has said previously, that this is resonating more.  Maybe it will end up being the tipping point.  Maybe it’s the excuse people need to distance themselves from Sniffles.  Maybe the story goes away in five days though, just like every other outrageous thing he’s said previously.

Hillary is far from my idea of a perfect candidate.  Truly.  And when she says and does things I disagree with, I have no problem at all saying so.  Same with President Obama.  Boy, I’d sure love to see and hear Sniffle’s supporters come out in droves and denounce his comments.  I’d especially like to see the religious right speak out forcefully against Donny boy and his comments, especially considering he was four months married with a pregnant wife at the time.  I won’t hold my breath.

Six o’clock – TV hour.
Don’t get caught in foreign towers.
Slash and burn, return.
Listen to yourself churn.
Locking in uniforming, book burning, bloodletting.
Every motive escalate, automotive incinerate.
Light a candle, light a motive.
Step down, step down.
Watch your heel crush, crushed.
Uh oh, this means no fear, cavalier.
Renegade steer clear!
A tournament, a tournament,
A tournament of lies.
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives
And I decline.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

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