Liner Notes

Liner notes is the title I like to use when I have a bunch of random things to talk about.  Plus, any time I can work in a vinyl reference, it’s a good day.

First off, WordPress has a message for me today:

Encourage your US-based users to register to vote by adding a subtle prompt to your site

How about that?  I’m pretty confident that my 3-4 regular readers are all registered to vote, so I’m not going to add a prompt on my site.  Just in case though, here is your official request from me to please not only register, but to go out and cast that vote.  Unless it’s for Mr. Sniffles.  In that case, please stay home.  I’m kidding,  I’m a kidder(I’m not kidding).

Moving on, is anyone watching Luke Cage, Powerman?  Sweet Christmas, it’s awesome!  Even the lovely Missus seems to like it.  I’ve got three episodes left and then will have to wait until March for the Iron Fist series.  Netflix and Marvel really nailed it with these shows.  Cage is perhaps not quite as good as Jessica Jones but is still fantastic.  Jones had the amazing David Tenant as The Purple Man, which is tough to beat.  The guy playing Diamondback is great but there’s just no comparison.  Coulter does a nice job as Cage but it’s the extremely strong performances by the three main female actresses that sets this show apart.  Alfre Woodard gives a great, nuanced performance as Mariah Dillard and Simone Missick is everything that Misty Knight should be.  For me though, it’s Rosario Dawson as The Night Nurse, Claire Temple, that makes the show extra special.  She was introduced in  Daredevil and was also in Jessica Jones.  It’s pretty clear that Dawson will be the glue that brings the various “heroes” together to form The Defenders.  That’s going to be freaking awesome.

And finally, there are two shows coming up that I’m interested in seeing but the only problem is they’re on consecutive nights.  Renaissance is coming to the Tralf in a few weeks and although I’ve seen them twice and even though Annie Haslam is the only remaining core member, I’ll have a hard time saying no to that show.  I first saw them on 4-18-85 at the Tralf.  It was my freshman year in college and I had no car but was determined to see that show.  Tom M. and I took the bluebird from our dorm to the Main Street campus and then took the subway down to the theater district.  The show was amazing.  I never wanted it to end but when it did, we quickly discovered that we had no way home.  The subway didn’t run at that time of the night and we were stuck in downtown Buffalo, which was a ghost town back in ’85.  We hoofed it for miles through dicey areas, hoping that a bus might eventually rumble by and pick us up.  We were probably half way back to the Main Street campus when a bus did finally come.  Fun times!  I saw them again in Rochester in ’09, which was the infamous “toothache” show for the Missus.  She developed a toothache that night and suffered through that show.

The next night, Peter Wolf is coming back to town and playing the same room.  I saw him once before  in a solo show and once with Geils.  Both shows were fantastic.  So, it looks like I’ll have two more shows to write about in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.


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