Basket of What?

How feverish was Hillary when she used that awkward phrase, basket of deplorables? Politically speaking, it was a fairly major misstep. You should always go after your opponent but never their supporters, right?  After all, the goal is to win some of them over to your side.  Calling them names doesn’t seem like a wise move.  That’s just me speaking from a political and a practical standpoint.  Now let’s get down to the truth.  To the heart of the matter.

She wasn’t wrong.  There, I said it.  I’ve been saying this for a long time now.  A significant portion of Trump voters hold what can only be described as UN-American and yes, deplorable points of view.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take just one topic and use it as an example, the proposed ban on Muslims coming into this country.  It’s obviously unconstitutional.  It goes against everything we’re supposed to stand for.  Yet, that’s what Trump has proposed and a startlingly large number of his followers agree with him.  Would you call that deplorable?  I certainly would.

There has also been polling on people’s views of one of Trump’s most controversial proposals: to ban all Muslims from entering the US. Again, Trump supporters are very likely to support this idea. According to a poll from June by the Texas Politics Project, 76 percent of Republicans support the idea, versus 26 percent of Democrats. Notably, 44 percent of Democrats said they “strongly oppose” the idea, while just 6 percent of Republicans did.

That’s just one example.  There are many more.  And that’s not even getting into the fact that the Trump campaign is being run by the alt-right darling, Steve Bannon.  By the way, I hate that new phrase, alt-right.  It legitimizes those people.  They’re white nationalists.  They’re bigots and racists.Hell, Pence, in an interview yesterday,  would not even agree that David Duke is deplorable. They’re depending on the crazy, far right vote in November.  They have no chance of winning without it.

Was Hillary wrong to use that phrase? Yes, she was.  But only for political reasons.  Not because she was factually wrong(although we can argue about the numbers.  maybe half was too much.  maybe not). Either way, she should not have said it.  Do we need to go over the long list of things that Trump should not have said over the last 18 months?

Now here’s a basket of something that I’m really interested in, A Basket of Light. I posted a song the other day from Devendra Banhart.  Here is one of the originators of the psych-folk movement, Pentangle!  I was lucky enough to see them once, along with two solo shows from John Renbourn and one from Bert Jansch.  Love this sound.


9 thoughts on “Basket of What?

  1. His position is not unconstitutional. As POTUS it is their duty to protect us from all threats foreign and domestic. His policy on this has been puled back a bit and he would have to be carful on how a ban would be imposed. I would agree to ban all muslims will not fly, but he can ban immigration from certain countries that the administration feels sponsors these terrorist. I use this as an example, not because it is a good one, but since it is somewhat critical of Trump, you might read it more objectionably.


    1. We cannot ban anyone solely on their religion. Granted, his statements have been so all over the place from day to day, who knows what the hell he’s saying. Still, the implication is clear, and doing that is definitely unconstitutional. That was just one example. Don’t make me trot out the Mexican rapists and all of the other crazy shit this guy says, which attract the far right racists.


  2. Persons outside the US, non-citizens, are not protected by the Constitution. That is fact. The immigration act of 1952 does give the executive branch broad powers on not allowing certain groups or nationalities to immigrate to this country for various reasons, national security being one of them. This act also allows the POTUS to exceed group, or nationality quotes to allow for situations as in Syria, that also includes religious percussions. Being a Christian or a Jew in the middle east can cost you your life and has for many, especially in ISIS held parts of Syria. This is a double edge sword here, if you can let a group in based on religion then it would seem you could exclude based on the same reasoning. You could ban or restrict travel from certain middle east countries, but allow for certain groups to be excluded and allowed into the country. So where do you draw the line? Is one policy less racist than another? How do you balance the security of your country with might is right?

    Before you get to soap boxy, I think both side have misplayed this issue. Obama has miss read the country on this issues and should have taken a different, more measured approach to letting Syrian refugees in.

    Now what one says to win the party nomination is one thing, to win the general election you need to bring it closer to the center. As POTUS, ideally you throw that all away and try to bring both sides together in some form of a compromise that works best for the country as a whole, not for some special interest group or knee jerk reaction to a tragedy. All this leads to, yes he said it, but it will never fly and he and his handlers have to know that on some level. I tend to believe that if Trump wins he will act accordingly and handle the job of President very well. You obviously feel quite different and that is your right and I respect that. Beside hell would freeze over before I could convince you otherwise and not believing in religion you do not believe there even is a hell to freeze over.

    Seriously, if Trump wins, would you leave the country like some of these other idiots say they will? Even if Killary were to win, I would never even think to do that. To me it is more important to say and oppose rather than to run away like a spoiled little brat that did not get their way.


  3. Well.. using that reporting style I could also trumpet that 40% of “Hilary supporters” think Astrology is scientific, and, about 50% of them know that the we live in a helio-centric system. Of course a real journalist would point out that the republican numbers are not so much better that you should actually be bragging about it. If you structure the questions properly I’d be willing to be you’d find nearly equal amounts of appalling racism in the Democratic party as you are digging for in the Republican. Give me 1000 random democrats or republicans and permission to write the questions and I’m pretty sure I could make you physically ill.


  4. I get your point. I’m laying out the possibility that you are being manipulated a little bit to fear “the other” with what is likely just a small shift in underlying sentiment. Certainly Trump whips up nationalist and isolationist rhetoric which exposes an ugly side of the american public, but, I think it’s always there.
    The idea that Hillary made that comment “off the cuff” is unlikely. She never goes off script.. ever.. That isn’t a phrase that rolls off the tongue. I’d guess that it’s been done to actually to split Trumps base and make it even more uncomfortable with its ugly elements. I’m not even sure it was that bad of an idea. If I was a Trump supporter it would be really hard to give him money at this point. Not so much due to policy, but, due to the idea that Hillary seems to be “dog whistling” (see how I learn stuff from you) that if she’s elected her cronies might go through the documents of who supported him with money and publicly label those people as “enemies of the state” .


    1. I think that Trump, right from the start 3 years ago, started to whip up this sentiment with all of the birther nonsense. Has it mostly always been there? Sure. But those people are drawn to Trump and it’s no coincidence. These people did not necessarily come out to vote for Romney, McCain, etc. I actually do think she made the comment off the cuff and I was only half joking about her being feverish at the time. This was a big mistake on her part, politically. Hard to believe she meant to say it publicly. As far as “fear of the other”, have you ever seen Breitbart? Do you realize that Trump’s campaign manager came from there? Any fear of “other” here is more than warranted.


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