Fly Like Superman

I’m sure you’ve heard this common question at some point in your life.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Would you want to be able to fly like Superman?  Have the power of invisibility?  Walk through walls? Name it.  What power would you want?

I don’t much care for heights so flying is out.  I’ll get up on a ladder and do what I have to do but flying in the sky?  No thanks.  Actually, if I could have one “power”, it wouldn’t be anything supernatural at all.  If I could have one unattainable thing in this world, it would be something much more mundane and earthly.

Man, I wish I could sing.  I mean, belt it out like Robert Plant in his prime kind of singing.  The lovely Missus was working last night and with the kids off at school, it was just me and the dog.  I used the alone time to try to learn how to play Hey, Hey, What Can I Do on my mandolin.  I’ve always loved this song to death.  It turns out that it’s a fun song to play.  It also features some amazing vocal acrobatics from Plant. Well, I did have the house to myself so…why not?  The poor dog went running like his life depended on it, and it probably did(his name is Mojo, by the way. and he’s the namesake for my WP handle).

Seriously though, how fun would it be to actually have a true rock n roll worthy voice?  Not just a passable one but a real, honest to goodness, rock star voice.  Plant, Rogers, Mercury, Bowie, insert your favorite vocalist here. If you could sing like one famous vocalist, who would it be?


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