Let’s talk about Colin Kaepernick today and his refusal to stand during the national anthem.

Kaepernick is doing this to raise awareness about racism in America and specifically the way minorities are treated by the police.  Do you have a problem with this?  Many people do.  Some don’t.  I’m in the latter group.  What he’s doing makes me uncomfortable.  It’s not something I would do.  He has every right to do it though.  I would think that most of us would agree about that.

Is his refusal to stand disrespecting our flag, our fallen soldiers, and our country?  Not in my opinion.  Wasn’t our country founded by protesters?  Isn’t the right to protest part of what makes our country uniquely great?  Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that this is about as peaceful a protest as you could ever have. He’s literally doing nothing but sitting.  This is the Seinfeld of protests. Many on the right will often criticize BLM or other types of protests that become violent, and I get that.  Well, here’s about as non-violent of a protest as you could ever have.

Kaepernick is using his celebrity to raise awareness about an issue that he cares deeply about.  He’s putting himself out there.  Subjecting himself to ridicule and I’m sure, many types of nasty comments. Maybe even to threats.  Why?  He’s doing it to stand up for those that don’t have the voice that he has.  He’s standing up for people by sitting down.  He picked a very savvy way to bring attention to an issue that he cares about.  I just can’t have a problem with that.

You probably thought I’d go for Jimi on this one, huh?  Throwing you a curve ball though and going with Marvin.



7 thoughts on “Anthem

  1. I may not agree with what you are saying but I will defend to the death your right to say. He maybe prepared for the fall out, but is the NFL? If more players do this, will this turn fans off. The NFL can not do anything to him, but the 49’er could cut him, which was a very real possibility, he has really suck since Harbaugh left. But now if they cut him how would it look? So I question his motives here, is he taking a stand for what he says he is or is it a ploy to avoid getting cut and losing out on his $19 million pay check


  2. His contract is guaranteed for this year. And.. there’s a 100% chance he’s either getting traded or not playing since apparently he sucks. He’d be gone by now if the 49ers didn’t think they could find a sucker to take over part of his contract. Overall it’s a really bad financial move. He came out and said that Trump is a racist and Hillary should be in prison. Sounds like someone that got ahold of a Noam Chomsky book and a lot of really bad advice on his media strategy.


    1. His takes on Trump and Clinton aside, I would argue that his media strategy, as it pertains to this one issue that he says he cares about, is pretty damn strong. He’s brought a huge amount of attention to the issue by doing something he knew would be controversial. I think he was very media savvy.


    1. I understand your point of view but disagree, somewhat. What’s the sense of our military fighting for our freedom if people don’t exercise that freedom? I think his actions have brought quite a bit of attention to the issue of racism and law enforcement. Half of the country is talking about it this week. Whether or not we agree with the method, the result is hard to argue with.


  3. I do not agree with what he is protesting, and may not agree with his method, but he is not the first to do this and he will not be the last. How he chooses to protest or help is his right. My point with the article is, could he be doing more good in a different way. I view the majority of cops as doing good for the community/state they serve, the whole community, not just a part of it. So I will not begin to argue the view point from the other side, other than to say this, I know bad things happen and I am sure the good the police do out weights the bad for the most part. From my point of view, I have to believe that when all the evidence has been looked at that justice will be served, it may not be the outcome you wanted or expected but we all need to respect and support the rule of law and abide by the decisions a jury or judge makes based on the evidence. If you can prove that a decision was bias or evidence tampered with then by all means fight to over turn it.


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