Take the Money and Run

Since I was at risk of making this a blog site solely about The Tragically Hip, I thought it might be time to move on to other topics.  I reserve the right to circle back to The Hip though, at any time!

So, how about that Mylan pharmaceutical company? What a bunch of greedy bastards they are, huh?  A two-pack of the pens has gone up from $100 in 2009 to $600 today.  During the same 8 year perid, their CEO’s compensation went up 671%!!!  That’s price gouging.  There’s just no other way to look at it. To make matters worse for families who need it, the pens are only good for 1 year and then they expire and you need new ones.

The company has taken a major public relations hit for the past few days, getting completely hammered from all sides, and rightly so.


I particularly like the way that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest went after them.  Have you ever listened to him speak?  He’s developed the same cadence and manner of speech as President Obama.  It’s really fascinating to watch him.  I also like the fact that the White House and Clinton did not let the fact that Mylan’s CEO is the daughter of a democratic senator.  There’s no place for partisan BS here.


Mylan has now buckled a bit under pressure and is supposedly going to lower their prices.  We’ll see.  Greed can be such an ugly sin, says the non-believer.





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