Liner Notes

Well folks, I wish I had interesting experiences such as the antepenultimate Tragically Hip show to write about every day.  (okay, I admit I had to look up the word for 3rd last) I suppose that’s part of what made it such a compelling story.  It truly was a once in a lifetime event and I feel fortunate to have been there and to have shared it with three of my best friends.  One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that I was interviewed for a local TV station yesterday morning outside of our hotel.  I’m not certain which channel it was and haven’t been able to find the video online. The reporter asked me what songs they played, what my favorite song was, if Gord cried, if there were a lot of tears, and if this was my first Hip show.

On another note, and I suppose this is perhaps only compelling information for a select few, Happy 5th Anniversary today to my ever youthful and always beautiful bride.  Five years ago today, we were married on a beach in Virginia in front of our family and friends.  The cliche is that time flies when you’re having fun but I think there really is some truth to it.  The last seven years since we merged families and moved in together(living in sin, if you believe in that kind of nonsense) have absolutely flown by.  I’m a lucky guy and I know it.

And finally, it’s two days and counting until we’re “empty nesters”, as number two son leaves on Saturday for his Freshman year in college.  It’s a life changing event for me but I’m determined not to let it get me down.  He’ll have a great experience just like his older brother is having and the reality is that they’e both only an hour down the road. I’ve got my fabulous Missus to keep me company and, of interest for my readers, am planning on attending many more concerts than I usually have time for.  Look for an increase in show reviews coming up in the next several months. Coming soon is Lennon Claypool Delirium at Canalside, a club show by The Martin Barre Band, April Wine and Burton Cummings at Artpark,Brian Wilson at UB, Renaissance at the Tralf and that’s just off the top of my head.  Stay tuned!



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