Writing About Writing

Today, I’m writing about writing about music. Great sentence, huh? I wrote that concert review on the Yes show and a couple people(hi mom) said that I should write concert reviews professionally.  They were just being nice but it got me to thinking about it and how grossly unqualified I am to write a professional concert review.

Several requirements are needed for a professional music review.  Sure, I can write good, as Trump would say.


I certainly have a passion for the music, which helps.  I have a certain knowledge base, which also helps.  Here’s where the problem is though.  Let’s use Yes as an example.  I know the songs, the lyrics, and the long history of the band.  I could talk to you about that band for an hour and lay out every stupid fact I know about them for you.  My head is scrammed with that sort of useless information.

I’m not a musician though.  I don’t have a music background.  I can’t describe what the band was doing up there on stage with any sort of precise, technical detail. Jeff Miers at the Buffalo News writes fantastic music reviews.  He’s also a guitar player who has been playing in bands for many years.  His experience shines through in his writing.

Anil Prasad is a very talented music reviewer.  I’ve been reading his stuff for years. He said something that stuck with me a while back.  Paraphrasing, he said that most people who write about music don’t have any technical musical knowledge and therefore, their only way of describing the music they hear is by comparing it to other music.  That description fits me to a tee. An XL tee, to be precise.  For the purposes of this blog, there’s nothing wrong with that.  I’m just a punter.  A music fan who likes to talk and occasionally write about music.  I’m okay with that.


I’ve been on a Nick Lowe kick lately.  So tasty.  So catchy!



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