So Long Bernie

I voted for Bernie in the New York primary.  By that point, the writing was already on the wall that he wouldn’t win but he got my vote anyway.  He’s not the perfect candidate(who is?), but he struck a chord with many of us.  Why is that?  Sure, it’s his policy ideas.  Free college, etc.  But it’s way more than that.  In an election year where trust in politicians is at an all-time low, Bernie’s sincerity and consistent commitment to the issues shines like a lighthouse during a nor’easter.

When the “liberal” candidate has $100 million in wealth, it’s hard not to be jaded.  It’s easy to see why people are ambivalent and don’t vote.

What’s done is done though.  Hillary won.  She would have won even without the DNC bias. Bernie had little to no chance in the southern state primaries.  The Dems have run a very good convention so far.  It’s upbeat but not shying away from the issues.  They’ve been tough on Trump at times(that 9/11 war profiteering attack was particularly damaging). The convention has been run like a well oiled machine but one of my favorite moments was an unscripted one from Sarah Silverman.

Silverman was right. Voting for a 3rd party candidate is helping Trump win.  Trump will not fight for the things you want.  Hillary will fight for some of them.  You do the math.Do you want to be an idealist or a pragmatist?

Finally, let’s talk about Bubba.  I watched his speech last night and had mixed feelings while watching him.  He’s kind of slimy, isn’t he?  After two terms of President Obama showing us how it’s done with grace and with class, it’s kind of hard to watch President Clinton.  From a political strategy standpoint, I think Hillary would be wise to keep him out of the spotlight.  If someone like me feels that way, imagine what the other side must think.  Having said that, he still gave half of a good speech last night.  I learned a lot about Hillary’s early life and how hard she worked for people in need.  This information should not be discounted.  It’s hard to think of her this way now but she was pretty crunchy in her youth.  Check out old photos of her from that time.  She looks like your stereotypical Bernie supporter does now, which is pretty funny.

Do you want to honor Bernie?  Help turn the Senate back to the Dems and set him loose.  In the meantime, check out this kickass song from Lowest of the Low.  I’ve been waiting to use it in my blog for months!




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