Midnight Cruiser

Wow, Ted Cruz.  Remind me to never invite you to a party. Cruz showed up last night and peed in the punch bowl! The Missus and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

It’s funny.  We started with seventeen candidates on the right and although it was not easy to do, Cruz came out on top for me as the one I’d most like to see go away.  And that’s saying something in a group that includes Ben Carson.

Sorry, I fell asleep for a second, just from typing his name…Man, I could not stand to watch him(Cruz) on the campaign trail.  His manner of speech only made his words that much more painful to hear.  But I’ll give him this, he’s committed to what he believes in and he put his conservative principles ahead of the republican nominee.  How could he have endorsed Trump though, after Trump went after his wife?  And after being referred to as “Lyin Ted” for so many months.  It’s also speculated that he wants Trump to lose, not just on principle, but because he wants to run again in four years.  Can’t wait.

This convention has been one big, long, shit show so far.I caught a bit of cable news this morning before I left for work and the pundits were saying that Trump could still save the week if he knocks it out of the park tonight with a great speech.  Really?  What could this racist buffoon possibly say tonight that would make a difference?  Is he going to move us with his words?  Lift us up and give us hope for the future?  Unite us all?  Fat chance.

Tell me where are you driving
Midnight cruiser
Where is your bounty
Of fortune and fame


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