I Have To Do This

I clicked onto my local paper’s website today and read the featured story, drawn in by the headline, and I couldn’t help but smile.

In one 16-year-old Jewish boy, the face of the anti-hate protest

Here is this 16 year old kid, who when you watch the video, looks closer to 12, fearlessly taking on some ignorant dickwad from Westboro Baptist.  I’m watching the video and thinking to myself, “you tell him, kid!”. Maybe there’s more hope than we sometimes think there is.  Just maybe.

Ranan was loud, but his voice isn’t deep or gravely. He sounds and looks slightly younger than his 16 years. A pair of young women approached Ranan, almost protectively. One of them asked, “Can you come here for a second?”

He shook his head. “I have to do this.”

I pester one of my best friends with political emails almost daily.  He puts up with me and I’m very thankful that he does. He reads this blog and occasionally comments anonymously.  Going back and forth with him this morning about the election and at one point, I said this:

“I wish we had a better option but she’s infinitely better than him.  He’s dangerously unqualified.  Saying anything racist is an automatic deal breaker for me.  It’s sadly not a deal breaker for many people.”
I wrote about the racism from Trump previously but I don’t feel like I did it in a very artful way.  I want to put it bluntly.  The man has made many racist comments during this campaign.  This is indisputable and it should immediately disqualify him from earning anyone’s vote, other than hardcore, racist people on the fringes.  The fact that so many people are going to overlook his racist comments and vote for him anyway is disheartening, to say the least.  If you are planning on voting for Trump and you’re not a racist, I have to ask you why? Does it just not bother you that much?  If not, why not?  Could it be because you are a white person who has probably never been discriminated against before?  I think it’s easier to dismiss racism if you’ve never been the victim of it.
I can certainly understand not wanting to vote for Hillary if you don’t agree with her stances or you don’t trust her.  I get that.  You have other options, though.  Vote for Johnson or Stein or write in and vote for Elvis.  Stay home if you must(although you should really vote).
I gained respect for John Kasich when I saw him interviewed yesterday.  He is the host governor but has refused to go to the convention. He said that he cannot, in good conscience, support Trump.  He has put his country ahead of his party.  He’s one of very few republicans currently in office to do so.
Every day, I say to myself that I’m going to write about music or some other pop culture interest.  Every day, I just can’t. Why do I keep writing about this election every day?  It’s too important.  I don’t want to, in any way, shape, or form, be responsible for President Trump.

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