Eye Roll

Seriously.  At this point, after all that has come before, what can I even say about the Trump campaign?  They lifted, almost word for word, two paragraphs from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech?  Seriously?  Who in their right mind would do that?  Surely they must be smarter than that, right?  It defies all logic but at this point, nothing they do surprises me.

What always does continue to surprise me though, and I know it shouldn’t, is when people will, when confronted with facts, try to refute them.  That’s the age we live in now.  I’ve been reading social media comments all morning(my first mistake, I know) right below side by side video of the two speeches where people just deny it’s plagiarism at all.  Hell, the campaign themselves will not admit it.  Yet, the facts are the facts.

It should come as no surprise though.  This is the party that continues to deny the factual science surrounding climate change and the factual science of evolution. Why aren’t we, as a race, any smarter?  Why can’t we, when confronted with cold, hard facts, I don’t know, maybe change our opinion?  Why would you ever want to be so rigid in your beliefs that you can’t admit it when you’re wrong? I could go on asking rhetorical questions all day but you get my point.

On to night two.  Can’t wait.  I hear they’re trotting out Squiggy tonight.


One thought on “Eye Roll

  1. No one wants to admit they are wrong…or that what they felt may have been a little off base. It always appalls me when discussing things people immediately begin to refute the source. The best thing about the election process is Factcheck.org.


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