Stuck in the Middle With You

As we brace ourselves for the Republican convention this week in Cleveland and look forward to speeches filled with insight from the likes of Scott Baio and the Duck Dynasty guy, we can only hope that violence does not break out on the streets.  All sorts of protest groups are converging on Cleveland and many of them have said in advance that they will be bringing their guns because as you’ve probably heard, Ohio is on “open carry” state.  Temperatures in the 90’s, heightened racial and political tensions, and gun toting protesters, what could possibly go wrong?  Thankfully, they have banned water guns and tennis balls though, so at least people will not have to worry about that!

My political leanings are obvious to anyone who knows me or who has read this blog. On most issues, I come down enthusiastically and proudly on the progressive side.  If there was ever a year though where I would have considered voting for a republican presidential candidate,  it’s this year.  Unfortunately for us all, the republicans have nominated a severely unqualified, dangerous, buffoon.  So I’m stuck voting for the Hillary and hoping, as my lovely Missus believes,  that she’ll be a better leader than I’m currently giving her credit for.

It got me to thinking though.  If there were actually a politically viable, centrist, third party, what would it look like?  What would their convention platform look like?  What would centrist party positions be on guns, taxes, foreign policy, gay rights, abortion, immigration, etc?

I’ve done a little searching around the internet, looking for articles on this topic, but have not found much.  My sense of it is that a centrist party would probably lean slightly towards the left on social issues and slightly towards the right on fiscal and foreign policy issues.  That’s just an educated guess though.  I could be completely wrong.  What say you, my few but faithful readers?  What stances do you think that a centrist political party would take on the major issues of our time?

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…


8 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle With You

    1. Yep, some common sense, relatively centrist positions there. If I didn’t think that voting for a 3rd party this year would possibly hand the presidency to Trump, I’d probably go that direction. We desperately need a viable 3rd party to emerge.


  1. Registered member of the Libertarian Party – hopeful that at some point in my lifetime it will gain enough support to float a third candidate as a viable option in presidential elections. I would love to vote for Gary Johnson, may yet, but I too fear that choice may only add to the margin of victory by either of the other two major party candidates.


  2. Leaving the Libertarian party aside for the moment, what do you think a centrist party platform would look like? Or do you think it would look like the positions Johnson is taking?


  3. Well.. I everyone thinks they are centrist.. just like everyone *thinks* they are cool. Since I more often agree with Johnson than disagree then I think his positions are perhaps not typically centrist, but, certainly moderate. If either of those 2 clowns in the major parties wins by more than 1 vote they will paint it as a mandate, so, it will be what it will be.


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